I haven’t posted in a while.  There has been lots happening but to be honest I can’t imagine it would be that exciting to read about.  So, I have waited a while and am now updating.  The whole house is up and braced.  Cladding is on and it really made it become a beach house.  External windows and doors have been installed.  Handles have been chosen.  So far only the locks are on to avoid anything getting stolen but the handles are beautiful.  Wait for further posts with pics once they are on.  Architraves have been put on the external windows and doors and they really look amazing.  They cost a bit but were worth it to give the house a beautiful look of detail.  I chose 90mm architraves after much deliberation and am really happy with that size.  The heater has been installed and I will post a pic once it is revealed under all it’s protection.  We added an alcove with bench seats and recesses for the fire and TV.  The whole house has just been gyprocked and in the next 4 days the plasterers should be finished.  That has really given us a sense of each room – what an amazing feeling.  The other thing the gyprock has done is focus your view so that when you are in a room you now look to the windows and it’s beautiful as the house is surrounded by trees on most sides.  Air conditioning, plumbing and electrical has all be roughed in.  The solar water heater has been installed.  The laundry chute has been planned but then postponed until the cabinet maker comes to do the kitchens.  Plans for the laundry, pantry, kitchen and studio kitchen have been finalised but still need to be organised.  The V-Groove timber ceiling has been installed over the living/dining/kitchen area and it looks amazing.  Timber flooring has been ordered and we are now in the process of choosing carpet.  Tiles have been chosen and the tiler should start soon.  The stair case, garage door, internal doors, architraves and skirting boards have all been chosen and are the next on our list of things to organise.  Things moved quicker than I thought after “lock-up”.  I wasn’t expecting so many decisions to be made in such a short time but it has made these last couple of months go quickly and now we are entering the fun stage – painting and planning the interiors 🙂

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  1. well done suzan looks amazing and stoked you seeing it move along so well. love the beach bungalow look, it is going to be a treat to live in. God bless. bd

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