Finalising the build

So, things are coming to an end.   Well for the builder’s anyway.  We have a list of “things to do” once we move in but we are happy with that.  I am of the belief that creativity needs space in order to happen so I prefer sitting and thinking on each area and letting ideas come to me.  This means we will move in with the kitchen and carpets still to be installed.  After that the interior design elements for each room can come out to play but for a while we might sit and let our ideas come to the surface.  I would love to watch how our family moves through the house before deciding on too much interior design.

Most recently our floors have been laid.  We loved Blackbutt for it’s light colour and also for it’s strength, however, we ended up going with American Oak for it’s consistency in colour.  We let it sit for 2 weeks before install so it could acclimatise to it’s surroundings.  The irony is that we miscalculated the amount required so we had to do a crazy dash to find extra boards in 48 hours to keep the build on track.  We succeeded and the lovely thing was that the consistency of American Oak is so good that even though we used a completely different batch from a completely different supplier you would never know.  The boards look identical.  I love that about American Oak.  The softness of the boards may be an issue, however, I figure my kids can make these boards look “recycled” in no time.  We originally wanted 100 year old boards from a French Church but they were way out of our price range.  I am depending on a softer board and 3 kids to achieve the same look 😉

The tiler has been through and so far most rooms are complete.  It was amazing to watch tiling happen so quickly.  They were in and out in 5 days.  They are awaiting some missing tiles but it should only take them 1-2 days to finish once they have them.

The floor sanding is now complete.  It took 2 days.  Now it will take 1.5 days to complete the coating.

As always, I had to keep on top of everything and deal with hiccups.  The stairs were installed (and look amazing) but the nosing wasn’t as they were waiting on the balustrade posts.  Well, the floor sanders couldn’t finish until the nosing was completed.  We managed to coerce the stair guys to come back to complete posts and nosing so it kept the sanders on track, which in turn keeps our schedule for next week on track which keeps our move in date on track.

Today I shopped for all the lights that will be installed next week – 76 downlights, 5 Oyster lights, individual heat lamps (as opposed to an IXL tactic all-in-one style) and exhaust fans.  It was tricky but I managed to tackle that job and get trade prices at the same time *pats self on back*.  🙂

Things are coming along and if all the trades can stick to the schedule we should be moving in soon.  I have my fingers crossed but you never know with a build…

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  1. wow suzan you are onto it all!! Its exciting times seeing it all finally come together. Love your enthusiasm and perserverance, stay sane and keep reminding yourselves its a house to contain a home! We never sacrifice the love and relationships for tidiness and efficiency! God bless. bd and gill

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