Treasure found!

This is such an amazing and trippy moment that I have to mention it.

If we go back to the moment where we bought this block, it was after a lot of prayer and trying to work out where we should be.  After much thought and a few signs, we were pretty sure this block was where we were supposed to build.  The process has been long though and we are renting in a different suburb 20 minutes from home.  At times I have wondered if we are on the right path and sometimes, for certain reasons, I worry about whether we are in the best area for our little boys.  Well in the midst of my worry, one day my lovely hubby mentioned something the builders had found… after all the excavation that has taken place on this build we have never found anything but rubble and rubbish.  Now we are doing one last (small) excavation for the front stairs and an extra car spot.  The other day when the builders were digging they managed to find and preserve a plastic statue of Jesus holding a little boy.  Immediately, after all my worry and concern I was amazed and felt confident that God was telling us we are in the right spot, not only for building our home but also for our little boys.  Isn’t that amazing!  The statue has now become a bit of a token around the house.  For a while He kicked about here and there.  I don’t think the builders quite knew what to do with Him and for some reason none of the builders could bring themselves to throw Him out.  We finally gave Him a home in our TV recess which is in the middle of the lounge room.  He is still covered with dust and dirt.  I think that’s part of his charm because it reminds us of his story.  I love a good confirmation from Heaven!

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