How it all began

Hi!  Thanks for stopping by.  Let me tell you a little about how our build came to be…

I grew up in this beautiful beachside suburb of Sydney and my husband moved here in his 20’s.  We later got married and searched for a house on the beach side of our suburb but unfortunately could not afford it at the time.  Instead, we moved to a house a little further from the beach (but still very nice) until we could afford to move near the beach.  Seven years passed and in that time we grew to love our location and after searching near the beach we never found anything we loved or could afford so we got a beautiful American Beach House designed by the wonderful people at Storybook Homes (Ocean Street Design).

We were extremely happy with the design as they do a fantastic job at Storybook of interpreting a clients “Wish List”, which consists of pictures, inspiration and written requests. Whilst we were waiting for the new home process to tick along we saw a piece of land which fulfilled a lot of wishes for us. It was at the end of a quiet leafy cul-de-sac street, in a family community and closer to the beach. We knew the area well so we decided to make an offer and it was accepted. We sold our house by word of mouth four days later and moved to a rental. It was all rather quick and it was literally a leap of faith that paid off. We feel very blessed at how it all played out. Next step was to inform Storybook of our changes and they were nothing but encouraging of our move. Despite going from a flat block to one with a 6 metre incline from front to back, existing paving, existing landscaping and a buried pool (we plan to dig it out one day) Storybook didn’t flinch. We were happy to receive our design just before Christmas 2014. What a present!

Here is a photo of us when we bought the land…
we bought it copy

And an image of the cleared land…
Screenshot 2015-02-27 12.42.45

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