DA Approved

My hubby and I recently enjoyed a romantic dinner to celebrate our DA approval. It took just over 3 months for the DA to be approved. It was a fairly stress free experience with only a couple of hurdles to mentally jump over…the first was when the neighbours were able to make open objections to the build and another was when we had to reduce the house size to comply with council guidelines. As it turns out the council did a fantastic job of addressing all of the ten objections made by neighbours and ruling in our favour on all of them.  We did however have to cut out two of the kid’s bedrooms, the laundry and our downstairs powder room in order to comply with the council floor space and green space rules.  But… amazingly enough a new LEP came into action the same week our DA was approved. This is the first time in 9 years that the local planning regulations have changed. What a blessing! We will now submit an amendment to our DA and ask for all those rooms to be added back in.  Now, onto planning the start of the build…

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