Oh the indecision!

One of the things plaguing me with this build is the indecision I am experiencing.

It seems to be a reoccurring issue.  I have rethought and changed the colour of our roof to Shale Grey (if you read my initial post about roof colour you may laugh at this), I have rethought the type of flooring we will have, the style of windows we will have (awning or casement), the style of french doors we will have (how much timber on the door), whether to change from french doors to bi-folds in our main entertainment area, how much of the build to initially complete, what type of heating/cooling to have and many other factors.

I think it’s important to acknowledge and embrace this indecision.  The variety of inspiring photos available on the internet can really throw your thoughts in the direction of those beautiful homes and possibly even a style you weren’t trying to embrace.  Add that to the lack of knowledge I possess about each element of the build I am easily convinced to change my mind once educated on a certain aspect of the build (e.g. Low E vs Double Glazing on the windows).  Pair all this with the idea that each little element will one day comprise an entire home which needs to have a consistent theme, accommodate the needs of a growing family and fit into a budget then it becomes apparent that this indecision will be a reoccurring and sometimes frustrating affair.

I think it is important to accept the fluid movement of a build and acknowledge that trying to tie together a completed house with only a set of paper plans in front of you is no small task.  It is an organic process that will evolve over time along with our education on each element, exposure to different inspirations, our view of the house as it is built and budget constraints. Adjustments will be inevitable, sometimes frequent and definitely a requirement of achieving the best possible outcome.  Time to embrace feeling like a space cadet.  It means I am learning and refining our design choices.

2 thoughts on “Oh the indecision!

  1. hi suzan, was chatting to richard today and got the rundown on your big adventure. Well done! I love timber houses and currently designing a small guest room over our creek. You are ambitious taking on owner builder but its so rewarding as well as consuming and frustrating. God bless your future there, very good to hear bd

    1. Thanks so much Brett! I am loving it at the moment. Have to admit that we have a builder on board to get us to Lock Up so it’s easy peasy so far. Just lots of organising for later. Love your house…will be inspiration for ours for sure 🙂

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