We started

What a thrill it is to finally start building the house you have always dreamt of building.  I am over the moon and hoping this excitement will get us through all the hurdles I am expecting from the next ten months of building.  We have a fantastic builder on board, a great surveyor who came to help us with only a few days notice and a dude with one big digger.  I missed the first two days of site prep as I had a child home sick but on the third day I popped by.  Everyone was working hard trying to work out where to put our house on what we all agree is an awkward shaped block.  The digger was drilling away at the rock face, which may I mention is particularly loud (hope the neighbours have big hearts and can forgive us for the noise).  I popped by again yesterday and am surprised at how big this house will actually be.  It is hard to imagine the height of a building when it is on paper, and the impact the height will have on light and how it may affect the outdoor areas.  The block has been a grassy lot until now so it is suprising to see our sunny terrace being reduced to make room for this monster of a house and to imagine that it will one day be in shade from 11am once the house is up.  On the flip-side, the loss we will have on the existing terrace will be a gain in terms of our house and at the moment I just can’t imagine how big the downstairs will be or feel.  I am really looking forward to watching this all come together.  Watch this space 🙂

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