External Colours

Well this was fun.  We had to choose our external colours for the council development application.  Hubby and I launched straight into this one with glee.  We drove around endlessly looking at houses that we liked (which in turn drove the kids up the wall) and realised there really are 50 shades of each colour.  We love white and worked our way down to deciding between a creamy white weatherboard with stark white trim or just using stark white all over.  Stark white was the winner but it is hard to pull off so we had to consider the other colours and textures we would have surrounding the house which would add to the colour palette and help break up the white.  We came up with… worn timber decking, cobblestone driveway, the weatherboard cladding adding texture, basalt stone retaining wall, existing light travertine tiles, dark grey external lights and lots of greenery (we currently have palms and a murraya hedge on site but would like to add some small cottage plants for colour).

In terms of the Colorbond roof colour, we felt Surfmist would be too plain for a very white house, although I do like it on other homes so it was a consideration. We liked Shale Grey but I felt that I would always look at it and remember that we never made a firm decision between using a white or grey roof.  In the end we were inspired by the grey roofs of American beach houses so decided on the new Colorbond colour of Basalt Grey (a good mid-grey).

We called a Dulux Colour Consultant who, after much discussion of possible alternatives, gave us peace of mind about our choices.  She answered all my questions about the maintenance of a white house.  Something to be careful of when choosing a bright white is your proximity to trees or a busy road.  For instance, rain can run down nearby trees collecting dirt and sap as it goes, which may end up on your home and when cars drive past they kick up dust and it can blow onto your house and make it dirty.  We don’t have either of these issues thankfully so that means much less house washing for us.  We will also use a semi-gloss paint which apparently means less maintenance.  I would highly recommend a colour consult.  We ended up making the same decision with the colour consultant as we would have made ourselves but she added another perspective and included aspects we would not have considered.

So (…drumroll please…) the final choices are:

Weatherboards and all trim in Dulux Lexicon Quarter and Roof in Colorbond Basalt for contrast. Below is an image of the Mood Board I created for the external colours of the house and its surrounds.

We are also considering the idea of an Indigo front door to add interest but we will deal with that in another post down the track.

External Mood Board


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