Week 25 progress

At the start of the week, the electrician fixed a few things including the power in the living and main bathroom, and the stove top. The plumber also fixed the leak with the washing machine outlet.

With a two car loads of furniture from Ikea, the house is starting to look more furnished. The only problem with Ikea is all the building. Fourteen chairs plus various other items latter our hands will need a bit of time to heal before building more furniture!

While there is still work to be done, it is already a warm and cosy beach house.

All ready for plenty of memories to be made 🙂

Week 24 progress

Well lots of things were finished off in Week 24. 

Last week, the building surveyor picked up some things including covering the subfloor wood, making sure any steel is well covered for the marine environment, and that all steel piers have proper pads under them. These were all fixed this week, as can be seen below. After a discussion of the various options for covering the subfloor, we went for metal flashing in a similar to the colour to the cladding. 

The first flush diverters were also added to each downpipes. Previously, only one first flush had been added to the tank inflow but that location did little to improve the water quality, unlike the new locations.

An air vent for the kitchen extractor fan was added in the roof, along with a couple of vents in the eaves for the bathroom extractor fans.

With the final touches being made to the beach house, we spent a lot of the week moving things in. The kitchen now just needs the electrics connected to be fully operational with the delivery of the fridge.

Mid week the house was looking pretty empty.

But a few deliveries later  ….

the house started to fill up with a bit more furniture but still the need for a lot more.

At the end of the week, the power was connected so we had our first nights, though some things weren’t working  as expected yet – the main ones being no power in the living or main bathroom, the induction stove wouldn’t work, a leak from the out flow from the washing machine (very glad that we have the tray under the washing machine), and a couple of leaks with the main bathroom shower. Next week should the final week.

Week 23 progress

Well we are getting close now. Lots of bits are being finished off. One of the main things has been the down pipes.

Instead of a down pipe by the front door, we have a copper rain chain. While this means that we won’t be collecting the water from that area of roof, it is only a small amount that we are losing and it would not have been aesthetically pleasing to have a down pipe in this location. The bottom of the rain chain still needs to be bedded in place with some planting.


Leaf eaters and down pipes are been installed, along with a first flush diverter at the tank entrance. However, the first flush diverter does not do what it is designed to do in this location so this will be moved with first flush diverters installed on each down pipe. To do this, the leaf eater heads will also need to moved. More on this next week … hopefully.

The hot water system and the tank pump has also been installed, though we still don’t have power so they don’t do anything yet.

The outdoor laundry sink and tap has been added. We originally did not plan to have a laundry sink. However, when the plans went through the building surveyor, we discovered that all houses require a laundry sink. While we were forced to have it, we have made the best of the situation and are now very happy that we have an outdoor kitchen with the sink next to BBQ 🙂 The sink is also recycled from one of the original sheds so the addition of the sink didn’t add much to the overall budget.

In the inside, the bathrooms are now very close to being finished, with the installation of the toilets.

Some marine board ply has also been put on the sides of the bath. Once we have settled into the beach house, we will add a bit of beading to make this a bit more fancy and paint it. However, until then it should be fine to be left unpainted.

Here is the ensuite. Very close to being finished too.

In the washing machine cupboard, a tray with drainage has been added so that if the washing machine leaks the hallway won’t be flooded. However, there is a little gap between the tray and hall that the builders will need to fill in.

20200627_134236 (1)

The house has now all been painted. The mantel now stands out a bit more from the wall.

Under the sink the filter and pipes have all been installed.

However, the placement of the tray currently stops the drawer from closing. To fix this problem the plumber is seeing if it is legal for him to move the trap further back in the cupboard. If we are unable to do this, we will have to cut a little bit out of one of the drawers. Stay tuned to see what is eventually done!

Now that there are only little bits being finished off, the builders have moved their equipment so we get to see the full space minus lots of big boxes and rubbish.

Looking forward to moving the furniture in so that we can enjoy the living room view.

And the dining room view.

The builders have also made us a little pad with sleepers for us to set up one of the old sheds. We will still need to make the floor of the shed a bit more even than in the photo below!

Well that it for Week 23. The school holidays are a week away so we are hoping that the power is connect soon so we can spend part of them in the beach house.

Week 22 progress

The builder rang at the start of the week to say that the beach house would be finished by the end of the week, with the building surveyors arranged to do their final inspection on Friday afternoon. By now we have realised that the builders are optimists. While it is getting very close to being finished, there is still a bit left to be completed so no final inspection by the end of Week 22! 

Another of the sheds, this time a utility shed, has been removed so we can now get an even better view of the beach house. The architraves around the front door have now been primed so the blue of the front door looks better than when the brown of the wood surrounded it.

After many weeks wait, the onsite wastewater system arrived and was installed at the end of the week. A septic tank was buried near the deck with the secondary treatment AES wastewater system installed. Below you can see one of the area vents for the system.

The tanks have been moved into place. While they aren’t connected to any downpipes yet, the overflow has been attached to a drainage pipe. 

Some of the pipe work  for the downpipes have been installed. Below shows the bottom of the downpipe coming out of the ramp.


Bedroom 3’s view improves each week as more things are removed. While there is no utility shed, we now have a view of the caravan. Hopefully this will sell shortly too. If you are interested in a caravan, check out the Gumtree ad for a caravan at South Arm!

In the inside, the vanity splash back has been added now that the holes in the wall have been filled. It still needs a few more coats of paint but it is getting there.

Noticed too how the power points have been installed. While they are close together, one is for the heated towel rail while the other is for hairdryers/electronic toothbrushes etc.

The cupboard doors have been added in the hall …


Along with being added to the front of the built-in wardrobe.

The fireplace mantel has been painted. At the moment it blends into the wall. However, after the walls around it are painted in the wall colour, it should stand out more. We may choose to paint it a different colour in the long-term, but for ease of getting it painted we have gone with white.

More appliances and the power points have been added to the kitchen.

The sink still needs to be plumbed in but stop taps, some pipework and a power point have been added under the sink.

The breakfast bar has also been added. The wood is Tasmanian Oak, which has been oiled as varnish would crack due to the sun in this position.

We are looking forward to sitting here with our morning coffees, hot chocolates and baby chinos.

Well so close now … hopefully we will be able to start moving furniture in next week. Unfortunately, we are likely to have a wait for the electricity, which is very necessary to stay here as you need power for the water pumps!

Week 21 progress

Well last week the builder said that everything would be finished this week. I had my doubts and unfortunately with part of the onsite wastewater system still MIA between Queensland and Tasmania, I have been proven to be right 🙁 However, that said there has been quite a lot of progress this week.

One of the main developments was a digger being brought in to dig a trench for the mains electricity from the TasNetworks power pole to the house.

IMG_9517 (1)

The cable and trench are just over 100 metres in length. Now we just need TasNetworks to attached it all up.


With the digger being onsite, a lot of the sand was moved around. Previously, there was a big drop from the end of the ramp and front steps to the ground – the sand has now been moved to build it up. A couple of days ago the sand was at the same level as the ramp. However, with a bit of rain the sand is starting to settle down and there is again a step, though this time only a slight one.

The sand was also moved in front of the deck steps and north side of the beach house.

Same too for the west side. We will probably need to do some landscaping here otherwise the sand will blow under the house as this is the side that mainly gets the wind. 

The tanks have also been moved close to their final spots, mostly down the south side of the house. At the moment they are too far back down the side of the house and too close to the fence. However, I expect they will be moved into the right positions when the plumber installs them.

With the removal of the tanks, the view from the third bedroom has improved. Now we just need to get rid of the last shed.

A pendant light fitting was added to Bedroom 4. While it is the smallest and darkest of the rooms, it is still a lovely room.

In the main bedroom, the heated towel rails are in the progress of being installed. 

Third time lucky, a hole has been cut in the plasterboard for a power point by the vanity. The splash back still needs to be added between the basin and the mirror.

Lots of tap ware and towel rails all ready to be installed.

The ensuite is getting close to be finished. Like the main bathroom it still needs tap ware and the toilet installed.


All the kitchen appliances are now starting to be put in. So far the extractor fan, stove top and sink have been added. It is good to add a bit more colour, even if it is only silver, to the kitchen to break-up the cream.

While the sink is in, we are still waiting for the wooden breakfast bar. The bar has been made and checked for fit but is now been sanded and varnished off site.

Here is the view from standing in front of the sink.

The builders have also built a fireplace mantel.

We designed the mantel ourselves. We went for a classic looking mantel using various different wood sizes and mouldings that are available from Bunnings. It still needs to be painted but we are pleased with the look.

Well that’s all for Week 21. Still lots of little things need to be finished inside, along with the onsite wastewater system and tanks. Hopefully the tubes for the wastewater system will leave the Bermuda triangle and arrive onsite soon.

Week 20 progress

Finally with Week 20 we have had progress again. In preparation for the diggers due to come next week for the online wastewater installation, the shed nearest the front of the house has been taken down, so we can now see the front of the house.

However, with the delivery of the two 10,000 litre water tanks we still need to wait a bit longer to see the view front on. The tanks have been temporarily placed here prior to their final placement down the south side of the beach house.

Here is the view from Bedroom 3 – improved with the removal of the shed but now just need the tanks and the utility shed removed to see the full view!

Grey grouting has been placed between the tiles on the hearth.

After being measured up in Week 14, six weeks later we finally have most of our bench top – yay 🙂 The bench top is Polytec’s Xenolith in Calacutta D’oro, which is a 15mm core composite laminate. 

As it is thinner than most bench tops, and thinner than the wooden bench top for the breakfast bar, a 20mm strip was needed to raise the bench top up. At the moment the strip is only primed therefore white, it will be painted the same creamy colour as the kitchen cabinets.

The other major development this week was the installation of a new TasNetworks power pole. While the block already has power, the current power poles/lines have been deemed not good enough for the new beach house so after a six month wait a new pole has been added. The pole is already being used to provide power to next door but it will also have an underground power line to the beach house.

Well that is all for Week 20. Hopefully, it will be all action next week as the builders have said that everything will be finished by the end of the week. However, with the week being shorter due to the Queen’s Birthday public holiday I’m expecting it may push into the following week – hopefully I am proved wrong 🙂

Week 19 progress

At the end of the week, the bench tops were due to be finally installed. Unfortunately, they have again been delayed – sigh.

With the bench delay, we did yet more work on the splash backs.

While the builders had not been at the beach house, the painter has painted the bedroom walls. Here is the main bedroom.

Bedroom 2 has lovely light from the east and north facing windows.

Hopefully by the end of next week the view out of the third bedroom will be improved with the removal of the shed. Looking forward to eventually enjoying the morning east sun in this bedroom.

The painter has also painted the south side eaves, ready for the installation of the water tanks next week. We chose to have this section of the eaves painted now as once the tanks are in, it would be a lot harder to paint down this side.


On the weekend we met with the builder and discussed a few things around the build, including the outside laundry sink placement. To help with this decision, we moved the BBQ and the old laundry trough into place on the deck.

Well that’s all for Week 19. The builders are hoping to have finished their work next week. It would be great if that does happen. However, we are still waiting on news on when the power is going to be connected so it still seems a bit away from being able to be used as a beach house.

Week 18 progress

Well not much to report this week. The builders are still waiting on the bench tops. In preparation of the bench tops we did more painting of the pressed tin splash backs – this time with a roller and brush rather than the spray cans. It isn’t as smooth but gives a thicker coat.

With nothing else to report, here are a couple of photos of what we are looking forward to.

Watching the final stages of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race and sunsets on hot sunny days.

Week 17 progress

This week was mostly about the splash backs. The splash back was installed in the kitchen. It starts just after the fridge spot and goes all the way round the kitchen, finishing at the end of the breakfast bar. 

Now that the splash back has been added, the architrave around the kitchen windows was also put on.

The Clover pressed tin panels have been installed with a metal trim. The gap between the top of the cupboards and the splash back is for the bench tops.

The splash back has also been added above the ensuite vanity. However, while the tin has been cut out for the main bathroom, it has yet to be added.

With almost all the splash backs now in place, we spent most of the weekend spray painting with vivid white enamel paint designed to be used on metal surfaces. 

Here is the bath splash back with a couple of coats. It is still a bit patchy in parts so will need more paint. However, it might be that we will look to paint further coats with either a roller or brush as my body isn’t up for more spray painting! Either that or other members of the family will need to do the rest of the splash back painting.

Here is the kitchen splash back with a couple of coats. Hard to see how patchy or not it is in most light.

Other developments this week include glass in the two transoms above the doors on either end of the hallway. The transom above the front door is particularly nice as you can see the trees.

While the door still looks patchy in the photo below, since then it has also had another few coats so it is now looking similar to the other doors, which were professionally painted.

The hearth tiles have also been cut and laid but still need some grouting.

On the outside, the architrave has now been put around the door, all ready for painting.


The more time we spend in the beach house, the more exited we are to have it finally finished so that we can stay. 

Here is the view from Bedroom 2.

With beaches being opened up again, we can now see how it sits within the landscape. Just outside the family boat shed, only the top of the fire flue can be seen.

It is more noticeable from other spots on the beach but generally blends into the landscape as it is behind the dunes and has the pine trees in front.

While the previous shack was only a short walk to the beach, we are already loving how close the beach house is – it will be very quick to grab anything that you forgot to take down to the beach 🙂

So at the end of week 17, here is the rear of the beach house – windows and doors are wide open to ventilate when painting.

The beach house when the sun is setting.

Hopefully we will have a bench top by this time next week – fingers crossed.

Week 16 progress

Lots of little things added this week. On the outside most of the external lights were fitted, including a sensor light on the ramp.

On the inside, the pressed tin splash back was added around the bath. We chose the clover design. We still need to paint the tin but you can get a general idea of the look already.

The splash back has also been cut out for the vanities but not fitted yet. Here is the main bathroom …

… and here is the ensuite, which also now has the painted sliding door in place.

While you can’t see them in the photos, 3 in 1’s (heat, light, fan) were installed in both bathrooms.


Privacy panels were also added  to the ensuite shower.


Some of the splash back has started to be cut out in the kitchen. Still waiting on the bench tops in the kitchen.

The heat pump was installed along with the pendant lights in the dining room, which will be over the dining table.

A television aerial was also added to the roof, which now explains the bit of cable that was visible on the roof before!

View from the living room. The blue marks seem to be spots that need some touching up.

That’s all for Week 16. Hopefully the bench tops will be in this week but as the builder is struggling to get a response from the bench top people I’m not holding my breath!