Week 15 progress

This week the rest of the flooring in the beach house was laid – carpet in the bedrooms and vinyl in the bathrooms. Here is Bedroom 2 with the new carpet.

The installation of safety vinyl in the bathrooms has meant that the vanities and showers could be added. The big gap between the shower and the vanity in the ensuite is for a heated towel rail. 


The walls of the showers are SpaPanels. We chose their Calacatta Marble design.

For the ensuite, the shower has a sliding door that goes the full width of the room (1500mm).


While in the main bathroom we have  a corner shower with a pivot door. 


The painter has also been busy painting the door frames, skirting boards and window architraves. Here is the fully painted transom between the main area and the hallway.

Knobs were also added to the kitchen cupboards. 

While the weather was cold and wet when we visited, the beach house was really cosy, which was impressive since there is no electricity/heating yet. It was very peaceful watching the stormy weather outside from the comfort of the beach house, even without furnishings.

So that’s the end of Week 15. 

Week 14 progress

On the inside, the kitchen is beginning to be installed. The kitchen is Bodbyn from Ikea, in an off-white colour. We chose the Bodbyn as it is a classic style. Almost all our kitchen cabinets are drawers with only three cupboards, a couple in the island bench and one in the corner, which will be under the breakfast bar.

To allow us to have an island bench, the kitchen is a bit deeper than the dining area. As the drawers should provide enough storage needed for a beach house, we are not planning on having wall cabinets.

Also in the kitchen and living rooms, we now have retractable flyscreens on the opening windows. Here is one of the living room windows with the screen down.


Retractable screens were also added to the main room doors, in particular the French doors.

When they are not in use you can see the small extra frame.

When in use they close together in the middle with a magnetic catch.

The bath has also been installed. You may also notice that the bathroom has been water proofed again after the screed was changed. This has delayed the installation of the vinyl but the vinyl is scheduled to be laid next week. 

In Bedroom 4, the man hole has been covered and framed – it now just needs a bit of paint so that it merges into the ceiling.


The sliding door to the ensuite was added last week but the handle has now been added. There is currently a small gap between the top of the sliding door and the architrave, which we aren’t keen on so we will see if we can get the architrave lowered this week to hide this gap.

The internal parts of the built-in wardrobe in the main bedroom has been added. It now just needs doors added.


The same for the hall linen cupboard.


Ready to hopefully be installed next week is the vanity mirror for the main bathroom.


On the outside, criss-crosses were added to the deck and porch. 

An exterior light was also added to the front porch. 


All the external powerpoints were added. Here is the one on the deck area.

A couple of posts have been added to the small deck on the west side. The only problem with these are that they stop the French doors being opened up fully. These posts are not on our plan so we will need to decide whether we actually want them. 

Well that takes up to the end of Week 14. Getting closer to being finished.

Week 13 progress

While this week was a shorter week due to Easter, lots of work was undertaken.

The main change was the laying of laminate flooring in the kitchen, dining and living room along with the hallway. We chose QuickStep Majestic in Blackbutt. While it isn’t real wood, it is a much more practical choice for a beach house as sand means that a varnished surface would not wear well, and would be a lot better for our budget.

Now that the flooring is down, the skirting boards were able to be added. Similar to the window and door architraves, we have chosen a colonial style. The skirting boards are around 140mm high, higher than the 92mm architraves. The skirtings and architraves are pine wood that has been primed, but still need to painted.

Some of the walls have had the first coat of the main paint but not the cutting in yet. We have selected the Dulux Natural White as it will have a small contrast with the ceiling white, and the skirtings and architraves, which will be in Dulux’s Vivid White.

Below you can see the shower area in the main bathroom. The SpaPanels will be installed where you can still see the waterproofing. Safety vinyl will soon also be put on the floor. The incorrect screed was originally put down. However, that has now been replaced.


The shipping container will be taken away shortly so all items that were in it have now been placed into the beach house prior to installation. Over the next week we are looking forward to having the bathrooms fitted out.

All the internal doors have been hung. However, they still need handles and to be painted.

All the internal doors have four solid panels except for the door between the hallway and the main room, which has a large glass panel to let in light to the hallway.


In the main area, all the kitchen cabinets are ready for installation next week, prior to the measure up of the bench tops.

The living room space is now coming together, even if it is a store for the kitchen appliances!

While the hearth tiles haven’t been fitted yet, I couldn’t wait to see how they would look so lined them up under the fireplace. The floor was meant to finish slightly in from the fireplace chimney breast. However, this wasn’t communicated between the builders and floorers in time so we will now have the tiles go the full distance. Look wise this will still look good but does involve cutting of tiles.

The front door handle has also been fitted but still needs to have several more coats of paint.


While the beach house isn’t finished yet we have found our first problem. While we were originally not too fussed with the trees on the west side – they frame the view rather than block the view and provide a bit of shade in summer – we have discovered that the dropping of the pine needles is worse than expected.

Even though the roof and guttering were only put on four weeks ago, the pine needles are really starting to back up. Below you can see that around half of the roof valley is full of pine needles …

… and the areas where the downpipes are starting to look blocked!

In the beach house planning stage, we chose half round gutters as they have self cleaning properties compared with other profiles. We also ruled out various gutter meshes as while they are good in the short term, in the long term material gets in and they are very hard to clean. My research for this week will be what will be the easiest way to clean the gutters.

The deck is also starting to accumulate pine needles and sand but at least this will be easy to sweep off.

So that’s the end of Week 13 …. now for some gutter cleaning research.

Week 12 progress

The State might be partly locked down but the build has been continuing. No change from the outside this week but lots happening inside. As can be seen in the picture below, internal painting has started.

The plastering was finished in all the rooms. Architraves were added around the windows and doors, and the ceilings and walls were sprayed – just undercoat for the walls but ceilings were all finished with ceiling white.

For the architraves, we have gone for a simple colonial style, which should suit our colonial style doors when they are installed. The architraves are 92mm wide to make them a bit more of an architectural feature.


After last week’s waterproofing, the two bathrooms had screed added to the floor, ready for the installation of safety vinyl soon.


Still need to finish painting the front door. The hallway is a little dark but should be a bit lighter once the transom has glass added.


The door from the main room to the hallway also has a transom above.


The fireplace is also starting to look like a real feature in the living room. It will be great when we are finally able to toast marshmallows on the fire 🙂

Looking from the living room to the kitchen.

In the two shower areas, the walls will have SpaPanels. It was great to see them onsite, ready to be put in soon. The pressed tin also arrived this week for the splashbacks in the kitchen and bathrooms. It seemed like a good idea to get the pressed tin delivered to the parcel distribution centre when we ordered it back in February, but not so much fun picking it up and driving it down to the build now that we need to avoid travelling, especially when the pressed tin had been sent from the COVID-19 epicentre in Tasmania!! Prior to putting the package in the car we wiped it down with a bleach/water solution. I never thought I would have to do that. Oh how our lives have changed!


Looking forward to when the old shed is demolished and the skip is removed so that we can see the frontage of the house properly.

Next week laminate Blackbutt flooring is due to be installed in the living/dining/kitchen and hallway.

Week 11 progress

Action continued this week. The cladding was completed on all sides of the beach house, front door fitted (though still only partly painted), and the light tunnel and fireplace both  installed. 

Nice to see the double gable clad.

View from the dunes. 

A small platform on the beach side of the house was also installed. The double doors from the dining room will open out on to this.

View of the main deck. This deck is quite sheltered as the main wind comes from the (west) beach side and the house provides a wind block.

On the inside, the two bathrooms were waterproofed.


It was good to have natural light in the ensuite due to the installation of the light tunnel.


The plasterer also plastered the joints in all rooms but the cornice still need to be added to the bedrooms …


… and the hallway. 


Cornice has been added to the kitchen/dining/living room.

As can be seen below, the fireplace was installed.

The fireplace is a Jetmaster zero clearance universal insert. Now that the fireplace is installed, the rest of the plasterboard around the framing will be added.

A few more days of work before Easter. Originally the builders had hoped to finish by Easter. However, COVID-19 has affected the supply of some materials. The builders also need to adhere to the various social distancing requirements that have been introduced by the Australian and Tasmanian governments. Hopefully progress will continue on the build – that said it will be a while before the beach house will be able to be used by all the family.

Week 10 progress

Plenty of action this week. At the start of Week 10, the rest of the roof sheeting was installed along with the roof capping.

Work also started on the cladding. The cladding is VPI Armour board II in linen. 

It is made from uPVC. While up very close you see the fake wood grain, a couple of metres back it looks like weatherboard cladding. Being a coastal location any painted material would need regular repainting and maintenance but this product should have very little upkeep allowing us to enjoy the house with the least amount of maintenance burden.

View from the dunes.

By mid week most of the insulation and plasterboard were installed.


All the bedrooms had the plasterboard put up. Below is Bedroom 1 with its built in wardrobe.

 The main electrical switchboard was added by the front door. Originally this was to be by the deck door. However, it was considerably cheaper to have it closer to the electrical supply at the front of the block so we moved it.

The front door frame and step were added, along with a transom above the door to let more light into the hallway.


The electrician also did the first fix for the external lights. Below you can see cables for the external downlights and the front door light.

On the previous quieter weeks, the Ikea kitchen cabinets were put together in the builder’s workshop. Now they are all being returned to site and put in the shipping container that provides onsite storage. You can also see the external window frames, which will be added once the cladding is completed, along with some of the bathroom equipment.

The bathroom and ensuite were boarded with special wet area plasterboard, which is blue rather than the usual light grey. 

Below is Bedroom 2 with the plasterboard up.

By the end of the week all the plasterboard was up. While the hallway is not as light as other parts of the house, it is lighter than expected, which was pleasing.


Still getting excited when checking out the views at the rear of the beach house. 

To allow the front door to be fitted next week, we started painting the front door.

This was our first time to spend a decent amount of time in the house. Even half finished, it was great checking out the action on the beach and hearing the gentle sounds of the water.

Cladding all finished on one side of the deck.

The pipes coming out of the wall near the edge of the deck are for the laundry/BBQ sink. We weren’t keen on having a laundry sink but when the building regulations meant we had to have one, we decided to make the best of the situation and make it a bit of an outdoor kitchen sink. 

The cable coming out near the door is for an external power point.

Only managed to prime and put one coat on the door. We have gone for a very beach blue – Hot Pop Blue. Hopefully it will be a lot less patchy once we put a couple more coats on the door.


So here is the beach house at the end of Week 10.

Looking forward to it being finished so we can sit in the living room and enjoy this view.

Week 9 progress

After the roof was delayed by three weeks, materials started to arrive. At the start of Week 9 the fascia and guttering arrived. Once the fascia was installed, cement sheet was added to the eaves. This needed to happen prior to the installation of the cladding, which was originally scheduled for this week but had to be pushed back. 

By mid week, the front double gable had the fascia added and the south side also had the half round guttering added.

By the end of Week 9 most of the roof was installed. The fascia, gutter and roof are the Colorbond Wallaby colour. The roof is Colorbond Ultra Steel as the beach house is in a coastal (though not severe coastal) environment.

We chose half round gutters as their shape is more conducive to self cleaning than the usual quad gutters that are commonly used. Generally we have chosen materials that reduce our ongoing maintenance when the beach house is built as we want to spend our holidays on the beach rather than maintaining the beach house!

The final non structural pillars were also concreted into place.


The balustrade was also screwed into place on the deck.

The steps to the deck were also finished.

For the areas of the house that now had roofing, the first fix electrical work was added.


The frame for the bath was built and structural boards for various walls were added to the spots where in the future we may want to add grab rails.

Framing for the ensuite sliding door was put in.


Lots of insulation in the house all ready for next week …

… along with all the plasterboard.

While it would have been preferable to have the plasterboard delivered after the roof was finished, especially as a lot of rain was expected (and did indeed come), there was a supply issue, which meant that if we delayed by even a day or two we might not have got plasterboard for a long time.


From the beach, the house peeks out behind the dunes in places …

… but can be seen more from other places.

View from the dunes. A large section of roofing yet to be added.

However, from the front the roof looks close to finished.

At the moment the beach house looks very grey. Looking forward to the cladding being installed next week.

Week 8 progress

If this was Grand Designs, the sad music would start to play now 🙁

The roof has been delayed for another week as the roofers are still struggling to get the fascia, gutters and roof sheets from the mainland. It is not clear if this is due to disruption from the summer bushfires, Toll’s cyber attack, the wharf strike at Port of Melbourne or disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  All we know is still no roof this week!

Everything looked the same from the outside …

… but it looked like a bit more work happened on the plumbing on the inside. Below you are see the vanity waste with a vent pipe.


Looking forward to enjoying this view, minus the scaffolding, while washing the dishes.

Week 7 progress

The roof was meant to be installed this week. Unfortunately, there was a delay in the roofing arriving from the mainland. Instead the builders finished wrapping the building and made more progress on the deck and ramp. 

Some scaffolding also added in preparation for the roofing.

Looking down the south side of the building. Kitchen windows at the front, higher up window in the bathroom and Bedroom 4 window.

With the house wrapped, while there was no roof, by blocking the wind it already felt quite cosy on the colder day.

Looking from the kitchen towards the dining and living areas.

Finally got to see the view with the windows installed from the kitchen. The windows start around 100cm from the floor. The beach face kitchen windows will have the breakfast bar.

Deck boards installed with work started on the railing. The smaller deck platform below is to go in front of the French doors on the water side.

The porch also has some boards but no steps yet.


Week 6 progress

By mid of Week 6 all the window frames installed and most of the house wrapped with Enviroseal wrap. Spotted Gum decking also delivered ready for the deck and porch.

Wrapping still needed on the beach side. However, the living room window frame has been installed. An extra steel beam was also installed under the living room window sill.

Framing added for the fireplace.


Newly installed living room window.

Along with newly installed dining room French doors and windows on either side.

Kitchen window frames installed but unfortunately the wrapping was over the windows. Can’t wait to see the windows without the wrapping.

View from Bedroom 2.

By the end of Week 6, glass had been installed in all the windows. Here are the living room windows …

… dining room double doors and windows …

… and kitchen windows – still all wrapped up! 

Only now noticed that there is a bit of a water view from Bedroom 4 – this was a bonus as we never thought there would be a view from Bedroom 4.


Work progressed on the deck. Around half of the spotted gum installed along with the posts.

On the deck we will have a BBQ just under the window. Loving the view of the water through the house from the BBQ spot.

View from the dunes at the end of Week 6.

View of the front at the end of Week 6.