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  • Initial idea – working out what we want.
  • Understand the planning scheme and what needs to be considered. This involved talking to the local Council and State Government planning section.
  • Find a draftmans/house designer/architect that you think you can work with. We interviewed or got quotes from ¬†6 before we chose our designer.
  • Organise the various reports that are needed – land survey, and soil and wind report. We also needed a Coastal Erosion report and Onsite Wastewater report but somethings people need Bushfire or landslip reports. It is good to get some quotes for the various reports as they can vary a lot.
  • Talk to various builders and come up with a short list of those you might get quotes from.
  • Get referees for any builders you are seriously interested in using. In the end we only spoke to referees for one builder but we did talk to a number of their clients.
  • Work with your designer to develop the plan. This will involve revisions. It is better to work out any issues at this stage rather than when you are already building.
  • ¬†Work in progress