Week 4 progress

The build continued at a fast pace in week 4. By the middle of week 4, most of the framing was completed with the roof trusses onsite. Some of the roof trusses were delivered to the top of the framing as can be seen below.

View from top of the dunes. Lots of steel for the windows that will look over the beach and water.

Bracing being installed. Some of the bracing is with plywood and some with metal straps that are placed diagonally.

By the end of week 4 roof trusses were installed. It was great to see the full shape of the house.

View from the dunes. Still didn’t have all the framing for the windows. This was also the time when we realised that the steel closest to the corner in the living room was further out from the wall than it should be.

View of the beach house from the beach. From some parts of the beach the house is hidden behind the dunes but in other spots it is visible.

Looking down the hallway. 


Looking from the deck door area towards the water.


View from Bedroom 2 towards the beach.

View from the living room area – bliss!

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