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The site is in the Village Zone in the Clarence City Council area in Tasmania and has been in the family since the early 1950s. Originally it was one big block but was split into three in the 1980s, which are all currently in the family.

The beach house is being built on one of the two blocks that is at the top of an inter dune area. Not surprisingly the soil is fairly loose sand, giving the block a soil classification of Class P. The block is relatively narrow (around 20 metres wide) but quite long, especially if you include the driveway (around 110 metres from start to end of the block).

There is currently a caravan, a utility building, which houses a toilet, shower and laundry, and a couple of sheds. View of the main part of the block, looking towards the water.

Below is the view of the block from the top of the Crown land dunes.

View looking towards the block from the beach. The high tide mark is around 25 metres from the rear of the block.

The beach and water are to the west of the block while the north runs the length of the block.

View from the middle of the block towards the west.

The site is just under 10 metres above sea level. Being so close to the beach most of the block is in a Coastal Erosion Hazard area. The dune area between the block and the beach are in the high band with the majority of the block in the medium band. The block is also close to a Coastal Inundation Hazard area but luckily all parts of the block are outside this area.

The block is just outside (by 200 metres) a Bushfire Prone Area so we do not have to consider Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) requirements when building.