Week 10 progress

Plenty of action this week. At the start of Week 10, the rest of the roof sheeting was installed along with the roof capping.

Work also started on the cladding. The cladding is VPI Armour board II in linen. 

It is made from uPVC. While up very close you see the fake wood grain, a couple of metres back it looks like weatherboard cladding. Being a coastal location any painted material would need regular repainting and maintenance but this product should have very little upkeep allowing us to enjoy the house with the least amount of maintenance burden.

View from the dunes.

By mid week most of the insulation and plasterboard were installed.


All the bedrooms had the plasterboard put up. Below is Bedroom 1 with its built in wardrobe.

 The main electrical switchboard was added by the front door. Originally this was to be by the deck door. However, it was considerably cheaper to have it closer to the electrical supply at the front of the block so we moved it.

The front door frame and step were added, along with a transom above the door to let more light into the hallway.


The electrician also did the first fix for the external lights. Below you can see cables for the external downlights and the front door light.

On the previous quieter weeks, the Ikea kitchen cabinets were put together in the builder’s workshop. Now they are all being returned to site and put in the shipping container that provides onsite storage. You can also see the external window frames, which will be added once the cladding is completed, along with some of the bathroom equipment.

The bathroom and ensuite were boarded with special wet area plasterboard, which is blue rather than the usual light grey. 

Below is Bedroom 2 with the plasterboard up.

By the end of the week all the plasterboard was up. While the hallway is not as light as other parts of the house, it is lighter than expected, which was pleasing.


Still getting excited when checking out the views at the rear of the beach house. 

To allow the front door to be fitted next week, we started painting the front door.

This was our first time to spend a decent amount of time in the house. Even half finished, it was great checking out the action on the beach and hearing the gentle sounds of the water.

Cladding all finished on one side of the deck.

The pipes coming out of the wall near the edge of the deck are for the laundry/BBQ sink. We weren’t keen on having a laundry sink but when the building regulations meant we had to have one, we decided to make the best of the situation and make it a bit of an outdoor kitchen sink. 

The cable coming out near the door is for an external power point.

Only managed to prime and put one coat on the door. We have gone for a very beach blue – Hot Pop Blue. Hopefully it will be a lot less patchy once we put a couple more coats on the door.


So here is the beach house at the end of Week 10.

Looking forward to it being finished so we can sit in the living room and enjoy this view.

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