Week 11 progress

Action continued this week. The cladding was completed on all sides of the beach house, front door fitted (though still only partly painted), and the light tunnel and fireplace both  installed. 

Nice to see the double gable clad.

View from the dunes. 

A small platform on the beach side of the house was also installed. The double doors from the dining room will open out on to this.

View of the main deck. This deck is quite sheltered as the main wind comes from the (west) beach side and the house provides a wind block.

On the inside, the two bathrooms were waterproofed.


It was good to have natural light in the ensuite due to the installation of the light tunnel.


The plasterer also plastered the joints in all rooms but the cornice still need to be added to the bedrooms …


… and the hallway. 


Cornice has been added to the kitchen/dining/living room.

As can be seen below, the fireplace was installed.

The fireplace is a Jetmaster zero clearance universal insert. Now that the fireplace is installed, the rest of the plasterboard around the framing will be added.

A few more days of work before Easter. Originally the builders had hoped to finish by Easter. However, COVID-19 has affected the supply of some materials. The builders also need to adhere to the various social distancing requirements that have been introduced by the Australian and Tasmanian governments. Hopefully progress will continue on the build – that said it will be a while before the beach house will be able to be used by all the family.

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