Week 13 progress

While this week was a shorter week due to Easter, lots of work was undertaken.

The main change was the laying of laminate flooring in the kitchen, dining and living room along with the hallway. We chose QuickStep Majestic in Blackbutt. While it isn’t real wood, it is a much more practical choice for a beach house as sand means that a varnished surface would not wear well, and would be a lot better for our budget.

Now that the flooring is down, the skirting boards were able to be added. Similar to the window and door architraves, we have chosen a colonial style. The skirting boards are around 140mm high, higher than the 92mm architraves. The skirtings and architraves are pine wood that has been primed, but still need to painted.

Some of the walls have had the first coat of the main paint but not the cutting in yet. We have selected the Dulux Natural White as it will have a small contrast with the ceiling white, and the skirtings and architraves, which will be in Dulux’s Vivid White.

Below you can see the shower area in the main bathroom. The SpaPanels will be installed where you can still see the waterproofing. Safety vinyl will soon also be put on the floor. The incorrect screed was originally put down. However, that has now been replaced.


The shipping container will be taken away shortly so all items that were in it have now been placed into the beach house prior to installation. Over the next week we are looking forward to having the bathrooms fitted out.

All the internal doors have been hung. However, they still need handles and to be painted.

All the internal doors have four solid panels except for the door between the hallway and the main room, which has a large glass panel to let in light to the hallway.


In the main area, all the kitchen cabinets are ready for installation next week, prior to the measure up of the bench tops.

The living room space is now coming together, even if it is a store for the kitchen appliances!

While the hearth tiles haven’t been fitted yet, I couldn’t wait to see how they would look so lined them up under the fireplace. The floor was meant to finish slightly in from the fireplace chimney breast. However, this wasn’t communicated between the builders and floorers in time so we will now have the tiles go the full distance. Look wise this will still look good but does involve cutting of tiles.

The front door handle has also been fitted but still needs to have several more coats of paint.


While the beach house isn’t finished yet we have found our first problem. While we were originally not too fussed with the trees on the west side – they frame the view rather than block the view and provide a bit of shade in summer – we have discovered that the dropping of the pine needles is worse than expected.

Even though the roof and guttering were only put on four weeks ago, the pine needles are really starting to back up. Below you can see that around half of the roof valley is full of pine needles …

… and the areas where the downpipes are starting to look blocked!

In the beach house planning stage, we chose half round gutters as they have self cleaning properties compared with other profiles. We also ruled out various gutter meshes as while they are good in the short term, in the long term material gets in and they are very hard to clean. My research for this week will be what will be the easiest way to clean the gutters.

The deck is also starting to accumulate pine needles and sand but at least this will be easy to sweep off.

So that’s the end of Week 13 …. now for some gutter cleaning research.

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