Week 14 progress

On the inside, the kitchen is beginning to be installed. The kitchen is Bodbyn from Ikea, in an off-white colour. We chose the Bodbyn as it is a classic style. Almost all our kitchen cabinets are drawers with only three cupboards, a couple in the island bench and one in the corner, which will be under the breakfast bar.

To allow us to have an island bench, the kitchen is a bit deeper than the dining area. As the drawers should provide enough storage needed for a beach house, we are not planning on having wall cabinets.

Also in the kitchen and living rooms, we now have retractable flyscreens on the opening windows. Here is one of the living room windows with the screen down.


Retractable screens were also added to the main room doors, in particular the French doors.

When they are not in use you can see the small extra frame.

When in use they close together in the middle with a magnetic catch.

The bath has also been installed. You may also notice that the bathroom has been water proofed again after the screed was changed. This has delayed the installation of the vinyl but the vinyl is scheduled to be laid next week. 

In Bedroom 4, the man hole has been covered and framed – it now just needs a bit of paint so that it merges into the ceiling.


The sliding door to the ensuite was added last week but the handle has now been added. There is currently a small gap between the top of the sliding door and the architrave, which we aren’t keen on so we will see if we can get the architrave lowered this week to hide this gap.

The internal parts of the built-in wardrobe in the main bedroom has been added. It now just needs doors added.


The same for the hall linen cupboard.


Ready to hopefully be installed next week is the vanity mirror for the main bathroom.


On the outside, criss-crosses were added to the deck and porch. 

An exterior light was also added to the front porch. 


All the external powerpoints were added. Here is the one on the deck area.

A couple of posts have been added to the small deck on the west side. The only problem with these are that they stop the French doors being opened up fully. These posts are not on our plan so we will need to decide whether we actually want them. 

Well that takes up to the end of Week 14. Getting closer to being finished.

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