Week 16 progress

Lots of little things added this week. On the outside most of the external lights were fitted, including a sensor light on the ramp.

On the inside, the pressed tin splash back was added around the bath. We chose the clover design. We still need to paint the tin but you can get a general idea of the look already.

The splash back has also been cut out for the vanities but not fitted yet. Here is the main bathroom …

… and here is the ensuite, which also now has the painted sliding door in place.

While you can’t see them in the photos, 3 in 1’s (heat, light, fan) were installed in both bathrooms.


Privacy panels were also added  to the ensuite shower.


Some of the splash back has started to be cut out in the kitchen. Still waiting on the bench tops in the kitchen.

The heat pump was installed along with the pendant lights in the dining room, which will be over the dining table.

A television aerial was also added to the roof, which now explains the bit of cable that was visible on the roof before!

View from the living room. The blue marks seem to be spots that need some touching up.

That’s all for Week 16. Hopefully the bench tops will be in this week but as the builder is struggling to get a response from the bench top people I’m not holding my breath!

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