Week 17 progress

This week was mostly about the splash backs. The splash back was installed in the kitchen. It starts just after the fridge spot and goes all the way round the kitchen, finishing at the end of the breakfast bar. 

Now that the splash back has been added, the architrave around the kitchen windows was also put on.

The Clover pressed tin panels have been installed with a metal trim. The gap between the top of the cupboards and the splash back is for the bench tops.

The splash back has also been added above the ensuite vanity. However, while the tin has been cut out for the main bathroom, it has yet to be added.

With almost all the splash backs now in place, we spent most of the weekend spray painting with vivid white enamel paint designed to be used on metal surfaces. 

Here is the bath splash back with a couple of coats. It is still a bit patchy in parts so will need more paint. However, it might be that we will look to paint further coats with either a roller or brush as my body isn’t up for more spray painting! Either that or other members of the family will need to do the rest of the splash back painting.

Here is the kitchen splash back with a couple of coats. Hard to see how patchy or not it is in most light.

Other developments this week include glass in the two transoms above the doors on either end of the hallway. The transom above the front door is particularly nice as you can see the trees.

While the door still looks patchy in the photo below, since then it has also had another few coats so it is now looking similar to the other doors, which were professionally painted.

The hearth tiles have also been cut and laid but still need some grouting.

On the outside, the architrave has now been put around the door, all ready for painting.


The more time we spend in the beach house, the more exited we are to have it finally finished so that we can stay. 

Here is the view from Bedroom 2.

With beaches being opened up again, we can now see how it sits within the landscape. Just outside the family boat shed, only the top of the fire flue can be seen.

It is more noticeable from other spots on the beach but generally blends into the landscape as it is behind the dunes and has the pine trees in front.

While the previous shack was only a short walk to the beach, we are already loving how close the beach house is – it will be very quick to grab anything that you forgot to take down to the beach 🙂

So at the end of week 17, here is the rear of the beach house – windows and doors are wide open to ventilate when painting.

The beach house when the sun is setting.

Hopefully we will have a bench top by this time next week – fingers crossed.

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