Week 19 progress

At the end of the week, the bench tops were due to be finally installed. Unfortunately, they have again been delayed – sigh.

With the bench delay, we did yet more work on the splash backs.

While the builders had not been at the beach house, the painter has painted the bedroom walls. Here is the main bedroom.

Bedroom 2 has lovely light from the east and north facing windows.

Hopefully by the end of next week the view out of the third bedroom will be improved with the removal of the shed. Looking forward to eventually enjoying the morning east sun in this bedroom.

The painter has also painted the south side eaves, ready for the installation of the water tanks next week. We chose to have this section of the eaves painted now as once the tanks are in, it would be a lot harder to paint down this side.


On the weekend we met with the builder and discussed a few things around the build, including the outside laundry sink placement. To help with this decision, we moved the BBQ and the old laundry trough into place on the deck.

Well that’s all for Week 19. The builders are hoping to have finished their work next week. It would be great if that does happen. However, we are still waiting on news on when the power is going to be connected so it still seems a bit away from being able to be used as a beach house.

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