Week 20 progress

Finally with Week 20 we have had progress again. In preparation for the diggers due to come next week for the online wastewater installation, the shed nearest the front of the house has been taken down, so we can now see the front of the house.

However, with the delivery of the two 10,000 litre water tanks we still need to wait a bit longer to see the view front on. The tanks have been temporarily placed here prior to their final placement down the south side of the beach house.

Here is the view from Bedroom 3 – improved with the removal of the shed but now just need the tanks and the utility shed removed to see the full view!

Grey grouting has been placed between the tiles on the hearth.

After being measured up in Week 14, six weeks later we finally have most of our bench top – yay 🙂 The bench top is Polytec’s Xenolith in Calacutta D’oro, which is a 15mm core composite laminate. 

As it is thinner than most bench tops, and thinner than the wooden bench top for the breakfast bar, a 20mm strip was needed to raise the bench top up. At the moment the strip is only primed therefore white, it will be painted the same creamy colour as the kitchen cabinets.

The other major development this week was the installation of a new TasNetworks power pole. While the block already has power, the current power poles/lines have been deemed not good enough for the new beach house so after a six month wait a new pole has been added. The pole is already being used to provide power to next door but it will also have an underground power line to the beach house.

Well that is all for Week 20. Hopefully, it will be all action next week as the builders have said that everything will be finished by the end of the week. However, with the week being shorter due to the Queen’s Birthday public holiday I’m expecting it may push into the following week – hopefully I am proved wrong 🙂

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