Week 21 progress

Well last week the builder said that everything would be finished this week. I had my doubts and unfortunately with part of the onsite wastewater system still MIA between Queensland and Tasmania, I have been proven to be right 🙁 However, that said there has been quite a lot of progress this week.

One of the main developments was a digger being brought in to dig a trench for the mains electricity from the TasNetworks power pole to the house.

IMG_9517 (1)

The cable and trench are just over 100 metres in length. Now we just need TasNetworks to attached it all up.


With the digger being onsite, a lot of the sand was moved around. Previously, there was a big drop from the end of the ramp and front steps to the ground – the sand has now been moved to build it up. A couple of days ago the sand was at the same level as the ramp. However, with a bit of rain the sand is starting to settle down and there is again a step, though this time only a slight one.

The sand was also moved in front of the deck steps and north side of the beach house.

Same too for the west side. We will probably need to do some landscaping here otherwise the sand will blow under the house as this is the side that mainly gets the wind. 

The tanks have also been moved close to their final spots, mostly down the south side of the house. At the moment they are too far back down the side of the house and too close to the fence. However, I expect they will be moved into the right positions when the plumber installs them.

With the removal of the tanks, the view from the third bedroom has improved. Now we just need to get rid of the last shed.

A pendant light fitting was added to Bedroom 4. While it is the smallest and darkest of the rooms, it is still a lovely room.

In the main bedroom, the heated towel rails are in the progress of being installed. 

Third time lucky, a hole has been cut in the plasterboard for a power point by the vanity. The splash back still needs to be added between the basin and the mirror.

Lots of tap ware and towel rails all ready to be installed.

The ensuite is getting close to be finished. Like the main bathroom it still needs tap ware and the toilet installed.


All the kitchen appliances are now starting to be put in. So far the extractor fan, stove top and sink have been added. It is good to add a bit more colour, even if it is only silver, to the kitchen to break-up the cream.

While the sink is in, we are still waiting for the wooden breakfast bar. The bar has been made and checked for fit but is now been sanded and varnished off site.

Here is the view from standing in front of the sink.

The builders have also built a fireplace mantel.

We designed the mantel ourselves. We went for a classic looking mantel using various different wood sizes and mouldings that are available from Bunnings. It still needs to be painted but we are pleased with the look.

Well that’s all for Week 21. Still lots of little things need to be finished inside, along with the onsite wastewater system and tanks. Hopefully the tubes for the wastewater system will leave the Bermuda triangle and arrive onsite soon.

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