Week 22 progress

The builder rang at the start of the week to say that the beach house would be finished by the end of the week, with the building surveyors arranged to do their final inspection on Friday afternoon. By now we have realised that the builders are optimists. While it is getting very close to being finished, there is still a bit left to be completed so no final inspection by the end of Week 22! 

Another of the sheds, this time a utility shed, has been removed so we can now get an even better view of the beach house. The architraves around the front door have now been primed so the blue of the front door looks better than when the brown of the wood surrounded it.

After many weeks wait, the onsite wastewater system arrived and was installed at the end of the week. A septic tank was buried near the deck with the secondary treatment AES wastewater system installed. Below you can see one of the area vents for the system.

The tanks have been moved into place. While they aren’t connected to any downpipes yet, the overflow has been attached to a drainage pipe. 

Some of the pipe work  for the downpipes have been installed. Below shows the bottom of the downpipe coming out of the ramp.


Bedroom 3’s view improves each week as more things are removed. While there is no utility shed, we now have a view of the caravan. Hopefully this will sell shortly too. If you are interested in a caravan, check out the Gumtree ad for a caravan at South Arm!

In the inside, the vanity splash back has been added now that the holes in the wall have been filled. It still needs a few more coats of paint but it is getting there.

Noticed too how the power points have been installed. While they are close together, one is for the heated towel rail while the other is for hairdryers/electronic toothbrushes etc.

The cupboard doors have been added in the hall …


Along with being added to the front of the built-in wardrobe.

The fireplace mantel has been painted. At the moment it blends into the wall. However, after the walls around it are painted in the wall colour, it should stand out more. We may choose to paint it a different colour in the long-term, but for ease of getting it painted we have gone with white.

More appliances and the power points have been added to the kitchen.

The sink still needs to be plumbed in but stop taps, some pipework and a power point have been added under the sink.

The breakfast bar has also been added. The wood is Tasmanian Oak, which has been oiled as varnish would crack due to the sun in this position.

We are looking forward to sitting here with our morning coffees, hot chocolates and baby chinos.

Well so close now … hopefully we will be able to start moving furniture in next week. Unfortunately, we are likely to have a wait for the electricity, which is very necessary to stay here as you need power for the water pumps!

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