Week 23 progress

Well we are getting close now. Lots of bits are being finished off. One of the main things has been the down pipes.

Instead of a down pipe by the front door, we have a copper rain chain. While this means that we won’t be collecting the water from that area of roof, it is only a small amount that we are losing and it would not have been aesthetically pleasing to have a down pipe in this location. The bottom of the rain chain still needs to be bedded in place with some planting.


Leaf eaters and down pipes are been installed, along with a first flush diverter at the tank entrance. However, the first flush diverter does not do what it is designed to do in this location so this will be moved with first flush diverters installed on each down pipe. To do this, the leaf eater heads will also need to moved. More on this next week … hopefully.

The hot water system and the tank pump has also been installed, though we still don’t have power so they don’t do anything yet.

The outdoor laundry sink and tap has been added. We originally did not plan to have a laundry sink. However, when the plans went through the building surveyor, we discovered that all houses require a laundry sink. While we were forced to have it, we have made the best of the situation and are now very happy that we have an outdoor kitchen with the sink next to BBQ 🙂 The sink is also recycled from one of the original sheds so the addition of the sink didn’t add much to the overall budget.

In the inside, the bathrooms are now very close to being finished, with the installation of the toilets.

Some marine board ply has also been put on the sides of the bath. Once we have settled into the beach house, we will add a bit of beading to make this a bit more fancy and paint it. However, until then it should be fine to be left unpainted.

Here is the ensuite. Very close to being finished too.

In the washing machine cupboard, a tray with drainage has been added so that if the washing machine leaks the hallway won’t be flooded. However, there is a little gap between the tray and hall that the builders will need to fill in.

20200627_134236 (1)

The house has now all been painted. The mantel now stands out a bit more from the wall.

Under the sink the filter and pipes have all been installed.

However, the placement of the tray currently stops the drawer from closing. To fix this problem the plumber is seeing if it is legal for him to move the trap further back in the cupboard. If we are unable to do this, we will have to cut a little bit out of one of the drawers. Stay tuned to see what is eventually done!

Now that there are only little bits being finished off, the builders have moved their equipment so we get to see the full space minus lots of big boxes and rubbish.

Looking forward to moving the furniture in so that we can enjoy the living room view.

And the dining room view.

The builders have also made us a little pad with sleepers for us to set up one of the old sheds. We will still need to make the floor of the shed a bit more even than in the photo below!

Well that it for Week 23. The school holidays are a week away so we are hoping that the power is connect soon so we can spend part of them in the beach house.

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