Week 24 progress

Well lots of things were finished off in Week 24. 

Last week, the building surveyor picked up some things including covering the subfloor wood, making sure any steel is well covered for the marine environment, and that all steel piers have proper pads under them. These were all fixed this week, as can be seen below. After a discussion of the various options for covering the subfloor, we went for metal flashing in a similar to the colour to the cladding. 

The first flush diverters were also added to each downpipes. Previously, only one first flush had been added to the tank inflow but that location did little to improve the water quality, unlike the new locations.

An air vent for the kitchen extractor fan was added in the roof, along with a couple of vents in the eaves for the bathroom extractor fans.

With the final touches being made to the beach house, we spent a lot of the week moving things in. The kitchen now just needs the electrics connected to be fully operational with the delivery of the fridge.

Mid week the house was looking pretty empty.

But a few deliveries later  ….

the house started to fill up with a bit more furniture but still the need for a lot more.

At the end of the week, the power was connected so we had our first nights, though some things weren’t working  as expected yet – the main ones being no power in the living or main bathroom, the induction stove wouldn’t work, a leak from the out flow from the washing machine (very glad that we have the tray under the washing machine), and a couple of leaks with the main bathroom shower. Next week should the final week.

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