Week 5 progress

As mentioned in the Week 4 progress report, we realised that there was an issue with the steel. We raised this issue with the builders on the Monday morning and within a few hours the steel was modified. As can be seen below, the steel post was pushed around 30cm closer to the corner with extra steel welded on. Apparently welded steel is just as strong, if not stronger, than if it was one long piece.

Just that bit wider means that from most parts of the living room the tree frames the view.

Framing starting in the kitchen area.

Mid week we also went round with the builders and discussed any other issues. One issue identified was that the waste for the kitchen sink was too far out from the wall, which would have meant we would not be able to have the planned drawers under the kitchen sink.


Water pipes (black pipes for cold water and red for hot water) were starting to be installed along with framing for the deck.

Front of house mid week.

View from the dunes mid week.

Near the end of Week 5, the window people arrived to install the window frames. This was a bit earlier than expected (only 6 weeks after the order was placed – originally told the waiting period was 12 weeks). While it would have been preferable to have the roof on before the windows, we didn’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth!

The windows are uPVC due to being so close to the water, with an 80mm uPVC architrave to give the windows a more traditional look.

Framing for the ramp completed and a few boards temporarily placed so that we could walk on them.

First fix plumbing all done. Here you can see the bathroom plumbing for the toilet and the bath.

All the framing makes the house look like it is made of sticks!


Kitchen window framing completed. Very happy with the view. You can also see that the waste plumbing for the kitchen sink has been moved into the wall frame so now out of the way from our drawers under the sink. Water pipes also installed. However, they are in the wrong place so will need to be moved slightly otherwise the dishwasher won’t fit!

Framing for the dining room French doors and window completed. Once again, loving the view.

Framing for the living room windows still a work in progress.

View from the dunes of the house …

… and view from the front.

Can’t wait for it to be finished 🙂

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