Week 7 progress

The roof was meant to be installed this week. Unfortunately, there was a delay in the roofing arriving from the mainland. Instead the builders finished wrapping the building and made more progress on the deck and ramp. 

Some scaffolding also added in preparation for the roofing.

Looking down the south side of the building. Kitchen windows at the front, higher up window in the bathroom and Bedroom 4 window.

With the house wrapped, while there was no roof, by blocking the wind it already felt quite cosy on the colder day.

Looking from the kitchen towards the dining and living areas.

Finally got to see the view with the windows installed from the kitchen. The windows start around 100cm from the floor. The beach face kitchen windows will have the breakfast bar.

Deck boards installed with work started on the railing. The smaller deck platform below is to go in front of the French doors on the water side.

The porch also has some boards but no steps yet.


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