Week 9 progress

After the roof was delayed by three weeks, materials started to arrive. At the start of Week 9 the fascia and guttering arrived. Once the fascia was installed, cement sheet was added to the eaves. This needed to happen prior to the installation of the cladding, which was originally scheduled for this week but had to be pushed back. 

By mid week, the front double gable had the fascia added and the south side also had the half round guttering added.

By the end of Week 9 most of the roof was installed. The fascia, gutter and roof are the Colorbond Wallaby colour. The roof is Colorbond Ultra Steel as the beach house is in a coastal (though not severe coastal) environment.

We chose half round gutters as their shape is more conducive to self cleaning than the usual quad gutters that are commonly used. Generally we have chosen materials that reduce our ongoing maintenance when the beach house is built as we want to spend our holidays on the beach rather than maintaining the beach house!

The final non structural pillars were also concreted into place.


The balustrade was also screwed into place on the deck.

The steps to the deck were also finished.

For the areas of the house that now had roofing, the first fix electrical work was added.


The frame for the bath was built and structural boards for various walls were added to the spots where in the future we may want to add grab rails.

Framing for the ensuite sliding door was put in.


Lots of insulation in the house all ready for next week …

… along with all the plasterboard.

While it would have been preferable to have the plasterboard delivered after the roof was finished, especially as a lot of rain was expected (and did indeed come), there was a supply issue, which meant that if we delayed by even a day or two we might not have got plasterboard for a long time.


From the beach, the house peeks out behind the dunes in places …

… but can be seen more from other places.

View from the dunes. A large section of roofing yet to be added.

However, from the front the roof looks close to finished.

At the moment the beach house looks very grey. Looking forward to the cladding being installed next week.

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